Customize your repricing
Use the custom repricing options to treat your FBA and Merchant fulfilled items differently. Specify who you want to compete against and how you want to compete. Set price limits so your item price never goes below or above a certain amount. Use the buybox setting to improve FBA sales. Sales statistics can give you an accurate look of how each fulfillment channel is doing for your business.
How many times is my inventory being repriced?
Your entire active inventory is repriced once an hour/24-hours a day. Just enough repricing to make sure you retain the lowest price.
Specific Repricing
You can choose to compare your FBA or Merchant items against items with the same subcondition. What this does is allow you to compare your Like New vs other Like New items or better. If you have no competitors for that subcondition Repricero will then look for competitors one subcondition down(Like New vs Very Good).
30 Day Free Trial
Start using Repricero today for free. Try it free for thirty days and experience the reason why many people are switching over. Smarter repricing means more profit.